An online panel about problem-based (distance) learning with the Reflect! platform (1 hour). What it takes to start a class project.


Walking you through a Reflect! project (21 min)


Talk by Michael Hoffmann: “The Reflect! platform: A cognitive system for dealing with wicked problems in teams.” Human-Computer Interaction Institute’s 2018 Seminar Series at Carnegie Mellon University.


Talk by Michael Hoffmann: “Using Reflection Tools for Digital Deliberation on Wicked Problems.” GVU Center Brown Bag talk.


TechDebate on Lethal Autonomous Robots (“Killer Robots”) with Rob Sparrow and Ron Arkin.

We asked two experts to help us—from their varying points of view—to navigate through the complexity of deliberations that are still in their infancy:

  • Ron Arkin, Professor at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, and
  • Rob Sparrow, Philosophy Professor at Monash University in Australia and one of the founding members of the International Committee for Robot Arms-Control (